My Success in Scientology

     I have personally experienced many, many changes during my progress in Scientology. I had a tremendous fear of talking to others and never felt I could talk in front of a group. This totally changed after learning about basic communication techniques which I could apply. I went from being afraid to talk with another person to talking to groups of people to doing radio and tv shows and public lectures.

     Mr. Hubbard's technology helped me to get off of drugs. I accomplished this in the Narconon drug rehabilitation program which I enrolled in in 1973. A few years later I joined the Church of Scientology as I knew that Mr. Hubbard's methods of improving yourself really work.

     I've been able to learn and apply methods on how to study which have opened the door to me learning more and more on a daily basis.

     I have not taken any medications in over 20 years with the exception of antibiotics and Novocain. I've been able to keep myself well and handle any ailments with natural methods. This has been great as I hated aspirin and anti-histimines and all those basic drugs for common colds etc. It's been my choice not to use any medications and I certainly would if I was in a serious medical situation. However, I am able to live life without them which I am grateful for. I learned a number of methods that Mr. Hubbard developed on how to handle stress and I know for a fact that stress leads to illness. So, between being able to handle stress and understanding the body and the mind, I've been able to do pretty well without any medications.

     I could probably write pages and pages of the personal accomplishments I've had in Scientology but to sum them up I would say that I enjoy improving my life. Every area of my life is going well; sure it could go better, but I'm not dwelling on past failures and I'm always looking toward the future.


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