My Success in Scientology

     Most people know of L. Ron Hubbard as the founder of Scientology and the author of the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. But few people realize that he also wrote extensively on business and management. In fact, he wrote an 11-volume encyclopedia on the subject.

     The information contained in these volumes can be used to start a business from scratch, turn around a failing one or make a successful one even more affluent and powerful.

     Applying these principles to my software business, I expanded it from a one-man show to a flourishing multimillion-dollar corporation. The company now has over 120 staff, offices around the world and a global network of distributors. Our products and services have won numerous awards and the company was included in the Inc. Magazine list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in America for four years in a row.

      I attribute this success directly to the management technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard. Simply put, I couldn't have done it without his help. And for that, I thank him.


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